Mikrotik Professionals of South Africa

Welcome to a growing community in the networking space.


Things are always better in a group. Being part of a growing community with a common interest in Mikrotik can’t be a bad thing…right? Your MTCNA is your free pass, use it!

We are here to help!


Being a member of MPSA provides additional benefits such as meet-ups; community support; online chat; templates; scripts; training information; howtos; faqs; and a sense of belonging to an great source of knowledge.


Mikrotik content delivered with a typical South African flavour! Shared experiances often provide new ways to solve common challenges within our dynamic country.

Welcome to MPSA

Thanks for showing an interest in our community! We are young and still trying to grow up a little, but it won’t be too long until we are your primary bookmark in your browser! We are hard at work adding content and etching out our existance within the South African networking communities. Membership is free and all that is required is that you hold a Mikrotik Certification. If you don’t have at least your MTCNA, don’t worry we will help get you started!


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